Wednesday, February 15, 2017



 Hopping around for Valentine Games!
 Candy Bags, anyone?

 Special Thanks to all the Party Planning MOMS, that made this special day possible!!

Oh, and the goodies....

 Games, anyone?

 More Snacks!!
 More Smiles!!!
 Loving on Hunter!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Meet A Leader: Lorrie

Meet A Leader: 
Lorrie is our Information Secretary

Name? Lorrie

Husband Name? Ben

Children? Caleb (11), Jack (9), Claire (7)

Favorite childhood memory? Special Saturday morning outings with my dad--didn't matter if it was hardware store, grocery store..just loved being with my dad.

What is one accomplishment you are proud of that occurred before marriage/children?
Graduated from nursing school and worked as an oncology nurse, freelance writing

How did you make decision to homeschool? We actually never considered homeschooling, but ended up in a bad school district. We began researching different options and felt the Lord's pull to homeschool. I'll be honest this was a year of wrestling with God, and him opening and closing doors to make it evident that was His plan. I find great peace in that now--but boy was that a tough year! I suggest following the Holy Spirit, rather than being dragged!!!

Favorite subject in school growing up? Writing, Reading

Favorite subject to teach now? Bible, History, Storytime

Favorite quality in a friend? Someone that you can feel comfortable with, who can take a joke, talk silly surface stuff, dig into a deep spiritual topic, and then come right back to surface all in same conversation.

Favorite chore? Cleaning and organizing

Least favorite chore? Ironing

Favorite parenting resource? People--I love just asking questions to older parents, plus resources from my church, Focus on the Family, Family Life Today 

Knowing what you know now, what is your best tip for other homeschooling moms? 
Plan ahead, be consistent, have fun!  I am a big planner simply because I know life gets in the way, and it's an easy excuse. There's always a reason school isn't convenient. So, plan as much as you can; then simply execute your plan. I plan my entire year during the first two weeks of August.
Also, be consistent. A little bit every day keeps the ball moving forward, and you never feel overwhelmed. Remember, homeschooling is a marathon, not a sprint. Have fun! Go do things! Take trips--eat lunch with dad and friends, visit family, take fun extracurricular classes, go for hikes and picnics together--enjoy the freedom!! 

If you had an extra hour in your day how would you spend it? 
Writing or taking a walk with Ben or a friend.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Meet A Leader: Karyn

Meet Your Leaders: Karyn is our Field Trip Coordinator

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Name?  Karyn 

Husband Name?  Scott

Children? Hannah (11yr), Stephan (13), Olivia (22)

Favorite childhood memory?  

Riding sleds down our iced paths.  We would dig snow paths during the day out on 
our hillside at dusk we would pour water on them to freeze, and then sled ride the next day.

What is one accomplishment you are proud of that occurred before marriage/children?
Graduating college with my RN licensesI was the first in my generation of grand kids to go to college.  

How did you make decision to homeschool?
I worked nightshift when my oldest was young.  School and homework schedules didn't   mesh well with my 12 hour shift daysso we didn't send her back the next fall.   Homeschooling was so much more flexibleand we had more family time to enjoy 

each other and honor God's path for our lives.

Favorite subject in school growing up?
MATH---I love solving the puzzle

Favorite subject to teach now?
BibleI grew up outside of the churchso I am discovering a lot of scripture right along with my kids.

Favorite quality in a friend?
Faithfulness and trust

Favorite chore?


Least favorite chore?

Favorite parenting resource?

K-love radio and Focus on the Family (Dobson)

Knowing what you know now, what is your best tip for other homeschooling moms?
You can do thisWhen God callsHe will direct.  Just take one dayone weekand one year at a timeSchooling shouldn't get in the way of your children's education...

follow their  passions and watch them blossom into who God wants them to be.

If you had an extra hour in your day how would you spend it?
Relaxing...I never seem to have Mom time.  Probably unwinding with a book or 

snuggling with  my hubby and watching a good movie.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Meet A Leader: Allison

Meet Your Leaders: Allison is our Membership and Treasury Secretary
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Name? Allison

Children? Seth 12, Hadley 10, Ruthie 8

Favorite childhood memory? Our church had a really large picnic every 4th of July. We had field day games, songs, and lots of food. This was all started with a parade from our church parking lot to the local park where the picnic was held. Everyone would decorate their cars with flags, stars and streamers. My Mom is super creative and won the car decorating contest EVERY year. As I grew up the designs became more elaborate and even involved my own car, once I could drive. One year she turned our rectangular mini-van into a picnic basket and my little black car was turn a fly that was chasing the basket and towed behind the fly was a little tikes car with a large stuffed bear holding a fly swatter. Great memories! I loved helping her and was very proud of holding that title every year.

What is one accomplishment you are proud of that occurred before marriage/children? This was a hard one but I finally settled on the fact that I am proud of my performance in school. I had worked very hard and received good grades. I, however, have to laugh because I don't know what my GPA was or what the term was I earned when I graduated.

How did you make decision to homeschool? 
There were many reasons for ultimately choosing to homeschool, however this is what even brought the thought to our family's attention. My husband does not work a traditional 8-5 job and isn't off on weekends. When the kids were young that was not a problem. We enjoyed weekend things on his two days off Monday and Tuesday and enjoyed breakfast and lunch together when he was home. When Seth went to public school kindergarten our family was split into two schedules, non-traditional work and school, and their schedules barely crossed. We didn't like that and started looking at what other options we had. We decided to try homeschooling Seth for first grade and see how it went. That was 6 years ago and we are so grateful that we did.

Favorite subject in school growing up? Math, Physics, Genetics

Favorite subject to teach now? Math is the easiest for me to teach but I am enjoying actually learning my history

Favorite quality in a friend? I love a friend that I can sit down and talk with like we chatted yesterday even if life has gotten in the way and it's been quite a while since we last talked.

Favorite chore? Yuck none! Laundry is the one I am least likely to let go so maybe that would be my favorite.

Least favorite chore? Cleaning my floors, because in a short 2 hours you can't even tell they were done.

Favorite parenting resource? My mother in law. She successfully raised 6 amazing children and is a wonderful wealth of knowledge

Knowing what you know now, what is your best tip for other homeschooling moms? Don't let all the curriculum's overwhelm you. Pick one go with it and adjust next year if you need to.

If you had an extra hour in your day how would you spend it? 
Ruthie got a ukulele for her 8th birthday and I am really enjoying learning along with her and Hadley but can't seem to find time to practice. So I would practice playing the ukulele.