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(L-R) Miranda Shields, Heather Sprenger, Liz DeRoos,Karyn Burns, Allison Horne, Lorrie Young, Natashia Priestley, Melissa Northey

Trinity Liaison/ Ministry Head: Liz DeRoos ( & Heather Sprenger (

  • Overseeing the use of the Trinity building
  • Coordinating the THESIS calendar with that of Trinity
  • Ensuring compliance with the THESIS Child Protection Plan
  • Protecting the Faith and Values statement of THESIS
  • Contact Liz or Heather if
    • you have concerns about the safety of children or would like to report a concern about child well-being
    • you have questions about your Reduce the Risk training or applications
    • you have questions pertaining to faith or morality of our group
    • you have general questions about the vision or purpose of THESIS

Membership & Treasury Secretary: Allison Horne (

  • Managing registration, membership records, and class rosters
  • Collecting fees and distributing reimbursements
  • Creating the group directory
  • Creating name tags for children
  • Contact Allison if
    • you are interested in registering for THESIS
    • you know someone who would like to arrange a visit to THESIS
    • you have a question concerning finances
    • you notice a correction that needs made to a child’s nametag

Information Secretary: Lorrie Young (

  • Disseminating information to THESIS members
  • Managing social media, email weekly newsletter, and Monday announcements
  • Contact Lorrie if
    • you have a general question about the THESIS schedule
    • you know of a last minute need for a classroom assistant substitute (*Please note: if you must miss Friday classes, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to discuss your absence with your classroom teacher and to find a substitute if necessary. Please only contact Lorrie for a substitute if you have been unsuccessful in finding a substitute or if there is a last-minute or desperate need.)
    • you have an announcement that you would like to share with the group-please be sure to submit those prior to Friday newsletter. Information only goes out once a week.
    • To minimize the load of information to our inboxes, Lorrie will limit email and Monday group announcements to information specific to homeschooling or of general interest to our group. A place will be designated to post announcements about other special events, home businesses, etc.)

Class Coordinator: Melissa Northey (

  • Creating the Monday class schedule
  • Recruiting teachers and assistants
  • Contact Melissa if
    • you have questions about the course offerings
    • you’d like to volunteer to teach a class
    • you’d like to sign up to assist in a class
    • you are concerned about a need for additional assistance in a classroom

Field Trip Coordinator: Karyn Burns (

  • Planning and scheduling THESIS field trips
  • Collecting field trip fees and deposits
  • Assigning field trip leaders
  • Contact Karyn if
    • you have a question about an upcoming field trip
    • you have an idea for a future field trip or would like to volunteer to plan a field trip

Special Events Coordinator: Miranda Shields (

  • Scheduling special events, such as Talent Show, Field Day, Science Fair, etc.
  • Recruiting and coaching volunteers to plan and work special events
  • Contact Miranda if
    • you have a question about an upcoming special event
    • you’d like to volunteer to plan or assist with a special event

CHEWV Test Center Coordinator: Natashia Priestley

  • Managing the CHEWV Test Center held at Trinity each spring
  • Recruiting proctors and assistants and responding to the needs of parents and students
  • Contact Natashia if
    • you have a question about test registration or procedures
    • you’d like to volunteer to assist with testing services
    • you are concerned about a potential special need during testing

Please kindly limit texts to THESIS related topics. No blast texts (those to multiple parties), please.

T.H.E.S.I.S. Homeschool Co-op is a ministry of
70 Maranatha Drive
Fairmont, WV 26554