Membership Options

Annual family membership fee ($30.00)  plus class material fees (amount varies) invites participation in all events plus weekly classes.

Membership Requirements

We cordially require members to commit to the success of our cooperative support group by volunteering their time in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Teach a class
  • Assist in a class
  • Nursery care during class
  • Organize a field trip
  • Plan an event or party
  • Set up or clean up for an event

Standards of Behavior

THESIS members and children are expected to speak and behave respectfully towards all others in class, on field trips, and at all THESIS events.

Dress must be modest and fit the occasion. For example, clothing such as spaghetti-strap tops, cleavage- or midriff-baring tops, short shorts, inappropriate tee shirts, and low-riding or ripped pants are not permitted.