Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Version of the Workbox System.

Hey guys!  I thought I'd share a little something from my personal blog today.  This system worked great for me when my boys were too young to use their own planners.   ~ Charli

Last year, I read Sue Patrick's Workbox System A User's Guide.  For those of you not familiar with the idea, it's a system of "boxes" for the school day.  Each box is to be labeled with a number and the students are to work through them in order.  It's actually great for breaking up subjects that are overwhelming, but for me, I wanted it for a little more independence.  I felt like Josh wanted me by his side 24/7 to reinforce his answers.  It was like he wasn't wanting to be the least bit independent, even if it was just to color. 

Last year, I did it exactly like it was written in the book.  Halfway through the year, I was a little sick of filling boxes nightly.  I looked around the ol' blogosphere trying to find something to work for us.  I loved the idea of the IKEA trofast system, but realistically, I would need three separate shelving units....and I don't have that much room. 

The one day I found this pin on Pinterest:

Problem solved.  I have room for three dish drainers.  This is what I've been using this school year and I love it.  We not only get through our "have to" school, we get to do our "want to, fun stuff" school.  It's easier for me to fill, easy for them to see what comes next and when they've finished a subject, they just put it into our little robot bag that I keep by my desk. 
Here's a picture of our system.

If there is something over sized, like a floor puzzle or like tomorrow, coin sorting and adding, I just put a slip of paper where I want him to work on it and he knows what to do next.  Sometimes I even hide little treats, like tattoos or stickers in after subjects I know he doesn't like. 
I really think the workbox system is amazing.  We get through a large amount of work each day in a very reasonable amount of time.  And now that I'm doing 1st, K & PreK....really, it's just about priceless for us. 
Interested in seeing my video of the system in use?  Hop on over to my blog at WV Urban Hippies.

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