Thursday, September 3, 2015

Field Trip: The Golden Horseshoe

Join us on Thursday, September 17th for our field trip to The Golden Horseshoe musical at the Met Theater in Morgantown. 

The musical Golden Horseshoe uses the test to tell a story that celebrates West Virginia's history and heritage.

Wes, an eighth grader, is struggling with the test prep, and his Dad steps in to help him study. At first they fight—they've been distant the past two months while Dad has mourned the loss of his own father. But soon, Dad sparks Wes's imagination, using Wes's crush on his classmate Rosie to motivate him. Dad, Wes, and Rosie, along with an ensemble of two men and two women, visit and reenact several important moments in West Virginia's history, meeting John Brown, Stonewall Jackson, and even Abraham Lincoln along the way. They learn about the Civil War, the Hatfields and McCoys, and the labor strife between mine owners and coal miners.

Golden Horseshoe is about West Virginia's history, but more than that, it's about fathers and sons—and mothers and daughters—and how we pass down West Virginia's heritage from one generation to the next. It celebrates West Virginia's first 150 years, and it looks forward to even more wild and wonderful years to come.

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