Monday, January 30, 2017

Meet A Leader: Karyn

Meet Your Leaders: Karyn is our Field Trip Coordinator

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Name?  Karyn 

Husband Name?  Scott

Children? Hannah (11yr), Stephan (13), Olivia (22)

Favorite childhood memory?  

Riding sleds down our iced paths.  We would dig snow paths during the day out on 
our hillside at dusk we would pour water on them to freeze, and then sled ride the next day.

What is one accomplishment you are proud of that occurred before marriage/children?
Graduating college with my RN licensesI was the first in my generation of grand kids to go to college.  

How did you make decision to homeschool?
I worked nightshift when my oldest was young.  School and homework schedules didn't   mesh well with my 12 hour shift daysso we didn't send her back the next fall.   Homeschooling was so much more flexibleand we had more family time to enjoy 

each other and honor God's path for our lives.

Favorite subject in school growing up?
MATH---I love solving the puzzle

Favorite subject to teach now?
BibleI grew up outside of the churchso I am discovering a lot of scripture right along with my kids.

Favorite quality in a friend?
Faithfulness and trust

Favorite chore?


Least favorite chore?

Favorite parenting resource?

K-love radio and Focus on the Family (Dobson)

Knowing what you know now, what is your best tip for other homeschooling moms?
You can do thisWhen God callsHe will direct.  Just take one dayone weekand one year at a timeSchooling shouldn't get in the way of your children's education...

follow their  passions and watch them blossom into who God wants them to be.

If you had an extra hour in your day how would you spend it?
Relaxing...I never seem to have Mom time.  Probably unwinding with a book or 

snuggling with  my hubby and watching a good movie.

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