Friday, May 1, 2015

THESIS is a Co-op

Did you know that our homeschool group, THESIS, is a co-op, or cooperative?

The definition of a cooperative is:
something owned collectively by members who share in its benefits.
And, of course, cooperative comes from the word cooperate, which means: to work together with others.

Therefore, the definition of THESIS is:
a homeschool group where we all work together and collectively share in the benefits of doing so.

And so, here comes the wonderful part -- Moms, we need you!

If you have some amazing ability when it comes to teaching a certain subject--math, art, basket-weaving--please let us know!

Tuesday, May 12th, is our Teacher's Appreciation Luncheon during which we will be making some tentative plans for next year's class schedule. So, if you are interested in teaching something, please contact us.

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